COVID-19: CISSS CEO Says Companies Should Be More Transparent | Coronavirus

During the Bas-Saint-Laurent Integrated Center for Health and Human Services (CISSS) board meeting on Tuesday afternoon, President and CEO (CEO) Isabel Malo was asked about CISSS’s response. before the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Viand du Breton.

She explained that it is still difficult for public health authorities to correctly measure the impact of the Viand du Breton outbreak even after the third wave.

An outbreak in a pig slaughterhouse affected 140 workers. During this the board of directors CISSS from Bas-Saint-Laurent on Tuesday afternoon, Ms Malo said three visitors also contracted the virus during their visit to the Riviere du Loup plant.

IN Executive Director of CISSS believes companies should be held accountable for disclosing reports of positive cases of COVID-19.

Especially when these are such large companies that need to control their data, so everything must be transparent.

Quote from:Isabelle Malo, CEO of CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent

At Viandes du Breton, it was amazing, and yes, the influence was extremely important.– emphasizes Isabelle Malo. However, she refuses to link the number of COVID-19 cases in the region during the third wave to the outbreak in Viand-du-Breton.

We don’t have to associate everything with Viandes du Breton. It would be wrong to do that. It’s easy to find the culprits, but I urge us to be extremely careful. In March and April, there was relaxation in Lower Saint Laurent: it was mistakenly believed that the virus was no longer circulating.– adds Ms. Malo.

Moreover, CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent indicated on its board of directors that spending on COVID-19 for the fiscal year ended March 31 was more than $ 149 million.

With information from Isabelle Dumfuss

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