COVID-19: Counties in Texas and Arizona Acquire “Mobile Morgues” | Coronavirus

Preparing for the worst, morgues in several counties in Texas and Arizona, two of the states now at the epicenter of the pandemic, are getting refrigerated vehicles to store the corpses, reported on Tuesday Washington Post.

In the spring, New York City used dozens of refrigerated trucks and a giant cold tent.

I now need to order additional body bags and trailers for the mortuary, Barbara Canales, an official in Nueces County, Texas, quoted KRIS 6 News as saying last week. People have to understand how real it isshe pleaded, urging people to wear a mask.

The county, which includes the city of Corpus Christi, already announced a few days ago that the morgue was full to the maximum and that it was therefore no longer able to receive additional bodies.

In anticipation of an increase in the number of deaths, many other counties have also requested trailers for their mortuaries and hospitals, according to Texas Tribune.

Arizona’s largest county medical examiner’s office, Maricopa, which includes the city of Phoenix, said it was close to its maximum body storage capacity.

In Alabama, the Marshall County Coroner’s office also said it is reactivating its mobile morgues due to the dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Arizona and Texas are among the states that recorded a record average week-long death from coronavirus on Monday, according to the Washington Post.

Several American media favor an average over a seven-day period, because the data are not necessarily reported the same day, which gives an inaccurate idea of ​​the evolution of the disease.

The Worldometers site listed Monday an average of 62 deaths per day over seven days in Arizona and 86 in Texas.

Texas and Alabama, like nine other states, also reported record hospitalizations on Monday, according to the Washington Post.

Florida is also facing a growing increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Authorities announced a record 15,300 new cases on Sunday, and some 12,500 on Monday.

The Worldometers site reported Tuesday afternoon of nearly 47,000 new cases for the whole of the United States, a partial total which should be updated during the day. The country listed last Friday a peak of around 72,000 cases.


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