COVID-19: Dube Tightens Tone Against Unvaccinated Quebec Residents

He warns that Health Minister Christian Dube is tightening his tone against unvaccinated Quebec residents who will be the first to be hit in the event of a fourth wave.

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“We see it everywhere: the fourth wave will first hit the unvaccinated and their loved ones. There is one minute left until midnight to get your first dose, ”Minister Dubé said in a micro-visit posted on social media.

Despite a decline in hospital admissions (-5 from a day earlier), Quebec reported 103 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Most of the new infections occur in the youngest, especially in Quebec residents who have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine.

In Quebec, almost a third of young people aged 18-29 are not vaccinated and still have not made an appointment for their first dose.

“To achieve our herd immunity goals, we must continue our efforts. There are still 70,000 people in the 18-34 age group who have not made an appointment for the first dose, ”insists Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Guilbeaux.

“Now is the time to get vaccinated! This is our key to freedom, ”she added.

The measures currently in force in Quebec remain unchanged for now. “We are adhering to our action plan to achieve 75% vaccinations among 12+ by 31 August,” said the Minister of Health.

The upward trend is also seen in other parts of the world, mainly due to the Delta variant, which is highly contagious. This is especially true in France, where the fourth wave has just been officially announced.

No further deaths have darkened the portrait of Quebec, which killed 11,235 people.

For the first dose of vaccine, results were the same as the day before, with 82% for those 12 years and older. For the second dose, we reached 55%.

Ontario reported 135 new cases and four more deaths on Wednesday, bringing the data to 548,609 patients and 9,300 deaths to date. The number of hospitalizations decreased (139, -6), as did the pressure in intensive care units (145, -4).

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