COVID-19: family of the deceased in Quebec demands to inform tenants

The family of a 48-year-old man who died of COVID-19 complains that property owners are not required to disclose cases in their complexes. This may have avoided cases and another death in the village of Anse in Quebec, the victim’s sister said.

Steve Lefrancois was hospitalized on April 15 after contracting COVID-19, although he worked from home and left home very little.

“He was really afraid of the virus. […] He kept telling me that he could not wait for his turn to get vaccinated, says his sister Sylvie Lefrancois.

A few days after his hospitalization, Mr. Lefrancois was put into a coma and finally passed away on 7 May.

Two days before his death, the publication of a case report in Anse village made the family jump. Newspaper y reported that the management has taken certain measures and notified residents about the circulation of the virus.

“We contacted them on April 17 to inform them about the situation with my brother. I told them to be careful because my brother has COVID, says Ms Lefrancois.

“And there we learn that the world was notified just two weeks later,” launches the lady, who believes we could have avoided sickness and death by acting earlier.

No need to report cases

Joined by NewspaperMichel Cote, CEO of Immeuble Populaire de Québec, assures that everything was done according to the rules.

“Public health cares about cases directly and they are not asking us to interfere with living conditions. They are not required to inform us about this, because we are not RPA, ”explains Mr. Kote. Société d’habitation du Québec documents for homeowners confirm this.

Regarding the possibility of notifying residents after the family learned about the presence of the virus, the manager points out that he was in no way required to do so. “What happens to the housing and the notifications to tenants is not us, it is public health,” the CEO emphasizes, adding that he responded promptly to CIUSSS inquiries in early May.

Too late ?

But was it too late? asks the family of Steve Lefrancois.

“We’re not saying they didn’t. [prendre des mesures]but how long did it take? “How many infected are left,” asks Sylvie Lefrancois.

Given the confidential nature of the epidemiological investigations, the Health Service declines to confirm the number of cases identified in the village of L’Ans. However, internal echoes report thirty patients. The manual confirms two deaths.

The Quebec area reported 60 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths yesterday. There are 94 new cases and 1 additional death on the South Bank. The situation in hospitals in both regions remains stable.

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