Covid-19: fifth day of recession in intensive care units

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care services continued to decline on Saturday, for the fifth consecutive day, with less than 5,600 patients registered, according to figures from Public Health France.

Critical care services (which bring together resuscitation, intensive care and continuous monitoring) had 5,581 patients on Saturday, including 310 admitted in the last 24 hours, against 5,675 the day before.

Seven days ago, the emergency services counted 5,958 Covid-19 patients.

Since mid-April, the number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in these services has fluctuated around 6,000 patients. A figure below the peak of the first wave in April 2020 (around 7,000) but higher than that of the second wave in the fall (4,900).

The total of Covid patients in the hospital also continued to decline, to 28,603 against 28,930 the day before, with 1,246 new hospitalizations in the last 24 hours against 1,433 the previous day. Saturday April 24, hospitals welcomed 30,100 patients.

195 Covid patients have died in hospital in the past 24 hours compared to 271 the day before, bringing the total number of deaths to more than 104,700 since the start of the epidemic in spring 2020.

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