Covid-19: for Veran “without a vaccine, we would be talking about a tsunami”, not a “fourth wave”

Health Minister Olivier Veran was a guest at RTL on Tuesday morning. Commenting on the spread of the Delta variant among the population, he stressed the cardinal importance of vaccination.

Commenting on the current health situation in the country, this time contaminated by the widespread and rapid spread of the more contagious variant of the Delta, Olivier Veran made no secret of this Tuesday morning on RTL: “Yes, the fourth wave is here.” But the Minister of Health has highlighted the vaccination campaign, which he considers “an emergency tool” to “get out of the epidemic.”

“If we didn’t have the Delta vaccine today, we wouldn’t be talking about the wave today. I think it was Gabriel Attal who spoke correctly about the tsunami. If we didn’t have a vaccine. in order to protect the most vulnerable, I am not even sure that the general conclusion will allow us to protect our hospitals and save as many lives as we were able to save by the decisions of the President of the Republic during 2020 “, – he assured Pray:” So, we urgently get vaccinated. “

“Science is here to help us”

Olivier Veran has aroused skepticism or hostility from some people mobilized against the vaccine or still keeping their distance: “I hear resistance from people who are in doubt, afraid. Sometimes, to ward off fear, we will look for idols, or to turn to magic with drugs that do not exist or that do not work, but I say that science also exists to help us confront collective fear and protect us. “

Robin Werner BFMTV reporter

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