COVID-19 gains ground at Edmundston Hospital | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

New Brunswick announced Monday that 23 patients were hospitalized. Edmundston Hospital welcomes seven patients, three of whom are in intensive care.

Dr. Tobin fears that space is no longer available for all patients in Edmundston or that some of the care will be postponed.

We have the impression that it can even exceed the levels we had. Except that the patients that we will have to transfer, we ask ourselves the question: will they have a place in the other centers? We are far from sure of that.

A quote from: Dr. John Tobin, Head of the Family Medicine Unit at Edmundston Hospital

Since last week, we started to see patients arriving, he explains, adding that not all of these patients are vaccinated or have only received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The majority of patients admitted to Edmundston hospital are either unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, according to Dr. John Tobin (files).

Photo: Radio-Canada

In the spring, the hospital had to move patients to another location due to lack of beds. A scenario that could be worse this fall.

A sustained fight

According to Dr. Tobin, the fight against COVID-19 is received differently by employees thanks to their experience with the virus. Anxiety now gives way to fatigue.

It is no longer necessarily the anxiety of caring for COVID-19 patients, but rather the level of energy expended on caring for the sick., he explains.

The doctor salutes the efforts made by the Edmundston hospital staff. At the moment, we are holding up well.

He adds that this week two patients were discharged from the hospital, which eases the work of the staff.

However, we feel that the rope is getting tighter and tighter., he says.

Dr. John Tobin hopes that COVID-19 will not gain more ground in Edmundston. I would rather not have to cancel surgeries or postpone medical care.

This worries us as we had some admissions over the weekend.

With information from Marie-Hélène Lange

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