Covid-19: Hong Kong lifts mandatory quarantine for international arrivals

Hong Kong will lift mandatory hotel quarantines for anyone arriving from overseas, the chief executive announced on Friday, ending more than two and a half years of international quarantine for the financial center.

“The quarantine hotel system will be abolished,” John Lee told reporters.

However, travelers will be required to take a PCR test upon arrival and will be banned from bars and restaurants for the first three days.

The long-awaited decision will bring relief to residents and businesses who have been demanding that the Asian financial center follow the global trend by once again allowing unrestricted travel.

Hong Kong has adopted a more flexible version of China’s “zero Covid” strategy, which includes multiple restrictions as soon as positive cases appear and near-mandatory PCR tests every 72 or 48 hours.

Throughout the pandemic, this special administrative region of China has enforced measures such as mandatory quarantine in hotels for people arriving from overseas for up to 21 days.

Currently, China is the only major economy in the world that maintains a long quarantine period for international arrivals.

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