Covid-19: infections and hospitalizations continue to decline – Science et Avenir

The number of infections and people hospitalized due to Covid-19 continued to decline on Thursday, a sign of the ongoing decline in the epidemic, according to data released by Public Health France.

The seven-day daily average of new infections, which smooths out fluctuations, was 43,865 on Thursday, up from the previous day (46,080) and seven days earlier (80,980). This decline is part of a general downward trend since the peak was reached in early April, around 140,000 cases.

The decline continued in the hospital, with 21,880 Covid patients admitted on Thursday, up from 22,319 the day before and 24,130 the week before.

In particular, intensive care services, which treat the most severe forms of the disease, saw 1,447 patients instead of 1,465 on Wednesday and 1,629 last Thursday.

However, the number of new daily hospitalizations on Thursday was slightly higher than the previous day: 1,116 versus 991. The same can be said for intensive care units, where 117 Covid patients were admitted in the last 24 hours, versus 98 the day before. .

The disease claimed the lives of 123 people in 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in France to 146,498 in more than two years.

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