Covid-19: is it possible to get vaccinated and get infected with the virus?

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F. Buquila, J. Loradour, P. Miette – France 2

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Covid-19 vaccines stop the virus before it reaches the lungs, but do not prevent it from entering the body. France 2 is studying how the virus acts on contact with a vaccinated person.

Can Covid-19 Infect Vaccinated People? The study was conducted in California (USA) from December to February more than 36,600 people. Scientists found that 22 people were infected between one and fifteen days after receiving the second dose of the RNA vaccine, or 0.6%. These are rare cases because the vaccine is very effective.

What happens when a vaccinated person comes into contact with the virus? When the virus enters the body, the cells recognize it by the vaccine and start producing antibodies that form a barrier. In the vast majority of cases, this barrier prevents the virus from entering the lungs, and the disease does not worsen. Thus, we are infected, but we do not get infected, according to immunologist Stefan Pohl, a member of the vaccine committee. COVID-19

Professor Stefan PAHL

Head of the Department of Immunology CHU Saint-Etienne, Lecturer in Immunology and Vaccology

Covid 19 Vaccine Committee Member


A brief description of how vaccines work:

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