COVID-19: Jason Kenney Refuses Vaccine Passports

In Quebec, people will need to show evidence that they received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine in order to participate in certain activities if an alarming rise in cases starts again this fall.

Manitoba will also create an immunization map so people can travel around the country without isolating themselves upon return in the event of immunizations.

We made it very clear from the beginning: we will not promote or accept vaccine passports.Jason Kenny said on Monday during his traditional pancake breakfast.

He adds that his government also amended the Public Health Act, removing a 100-year-old clause that would have allowed the government to be forced to vaccinate.

People who are worried about mandatory vaccines have no reason to worry– he assures.

Jason Kenny also says that if Ottawa tries to introduce vaccine passports at the federal level, Alberta will oppose it.

However, Albertans wishing to visit provinces or countries requiring proof of vaccination have no choice but to comply with local laws.

No new weekend deaths

Alberta has reported no new deaths from COVID-19 since July 8. However, authorities discovered 31 new SARS-CoV-2 infections on Friday, 29 on Saturday and 30 on Sunday.

The number of active cases rose from 675 to 624 over the weekend. Of the sick Albertans, 112 were hospitalized, including 34 in intensive care.

About 63% of Albertans received at least one dose and 47% received two.

According to the Canadian press

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