Covid-19: launch of vaccine awareness campaign in Ntum – Gabon Media Time

This Saturday, June 5, 2021, Health Minister Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong launched a vaccination campaign against covid-19. An operation carried out in cooperation with the non-governmental organization Omanda and as part of the authorities’ desire to draw the attention of the population to the need for vaccinations in order to quickly return to normal life.

The campaign began with the President of the National Vaccination Committee (Copivac), Professor Mariel Buyu Acotet, and the President of the Omanda Rodriguez NGO, Moukanza Nzai. This is part of civil society involvement in raising awareness about the vaccine.

Note that the launch of this awareness campaign is, according to the Minister of Health, the 4th phase of the national vaccination campaign in the response to covid-19. The mission of the Ministry of Health, Copivac and civil society is to be on the ground to educate the public about this vaccination.scored by Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong;

It should be noted that for the authorities, the main goal of the national vaccination plan is to reduce morbidity and mortality from the pandemic in Gabon. And this requires vaccination of 50% of the targets and people eligible for vaccination.

An initiative led by the NGO Omanda, which intends to participate fully in its success. We want to have as many volunteers as possible to vaccinate because we realized that covid-19 has become a public health problem and as an NGO we cannot be mere observers. It was important for us to organize activities in this direction. People are not talking about the vaccine. He is not here to destroy people, but to bring each other something more, and we are all going to do that. “, – said Rodriguez Mukandza Nzai.

Faced with popular enthusiasm, Health Minister Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong also announced the official launch of a vaccination campaign in the city of Ntum. It will start on Saturday, June 12, at the ward’s first-aid post.

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