Covid-19: millions of Americans miss their second dose of vaccine

INAfter distrust of the Covid-19 vaccines, the US authorities are faced with a new problem: to fully vaccinate those who received their first injection. In the United States, 5 million Americans miss their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or about 8% of those who receive their first dose show The newspaper “New York Times Sunday, April 25, citing official figures from the CDC, the federal health agency.

The phenomenon, which has become noticeably aggravated in recent weeks, worries the authorities. In addition to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, at least two injections are required for a complete immunization. “A single dose triggers a weaker immune response and can make you more vulnerable to a variety of options,” the newspaper recalls. In interviews conducted by the CDC, some refrain from a second dose and say they are afraid of side effects, others that they feel reasonably protected with a single dose.

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Meetings canceled

“This reaction was expected,” stresses The newspaper “New York Timesbut other obstacles have hampered the vaccination campaign. Many Americans have had problems wanting a second dose: canceled visits, no vaccine on arrival, Moderna instead of Pfizer, or vice versa … Walgreens has reportedly experienced many disruptions in prescribing and inventory management, but it ensures that these problems resolved.

Faced with organizational problems, some probably gave up. Making an appointment on time isn’t easy for everyone, recalls Elena Cyrus, an epidemiologist at the University of Central Florida. “This is difficult for people who do not have access to reliable transportation or who have a tight schedule. “

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Student problem

To avoid losing more people along the way, states organize themselves by contacting patients to convince them to go for their second injection, or by delaying doses for them. However, the Biden administration recalls that “8% [de deuxièmes doses manquées, NDLR] this is quite low compared to other vaccines that require multiple doses, ”NBC News reported.

Another hurdle may arise in the coming weeks: Many newly eligible students will leave their campus between two doses and will therefore be forced to schedule their second injection at a location sometimes very far from the site of the first. A new logistical challenge that some states are trying to foresee so as not to slow down the pace of the vaccination campaign. In the United States, 28.9% of the population is already vaccinated, and more than 140 million Americans (42.5%) have already received at least one dose.

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