COVID-19 | More tests for the unvaccinated in the NBA

For NBA players, the scenario is simple: get vaccinated or wait for frequent tests.

Posted on September 14, 2021 at 6:59 p.m.

Tim reynolds
Associated Press

The league has informed its clubs of a plan in which those who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will not need to undergo regular tests this season.

Those who are not vaccinated will undergo rigorous tests, one on training or travel days, and at least one on match days.

The teams received the parameters of the plan earlier this month and the league, in a note obtained by the Associated Press on Tuesday, revealed more details to its clubs about how the tests work.

Cue Health will perform many tests, providing rapid molecular tests and processing them via mobile technology in about 20 minutes.

The tests that will allow an unvaccinated player to participate in a game will be of the PCR type, the league said.

On occasion, vaccinated players could be tested, for example, if they show potential symptoms of COVID-19.

Vaccinated players may need to undergo weekly testing in training ground, although discussions on this issue continue.

The National Basketball Players Association did not require players to be vaccinated, although the NBA hoped the requirement would be met.

All other people who will be near the players during the games (coaches, team personnel, referees, field workers and others) will be vaccinated.

The NBA said that about 85% of the league’s players were vaccinated at the end of last season.

Training camps will begin on September 28. The regular season will begin on October 19.

Other arrangements for unvaccinated players will include wearing masks at team facilities and during travel.

With COVID cases and deaths in the United States returning to levels not seen since last winter, President Joe Biden ordered all employers of more than 100 workers to require weekly vaccinations or testing.

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