COVID-19: More Vaccines and Fewer New Cases in British Columbia

Chief Health Officer Bonnie Henry also regrets 5 disease-related deaths in the past 24 hours. In total, 413 people were hospitalized, 141 of whom are intensive care patients.

Second case of blood clot formation due to AstraZeneca vaccine

In a press briefing, Dr. Bonnie Henry focused on the case of a man in his late forties who developed a blood clot after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. The man’s condition is stable and he is receiving treatment and treatment at Fraser’s health care.

We are following this closely. As you know, it is rare, but also serious.

Quote from:Bonnie Henry, British Columbia Health Service Medical Specialist

It is difficult to treat such a clot, but there is a way and a cure., she added. Bonnie Henry told those who received the British-Swedish vaccine: You made the right choice

In addition, the healthcare professional asks those who are unwell after vaccination to contact their healthcare professional.

Half of British Columbians eligible for vaccination received their first dose

The age for vaccination continues to decline. In fact, the province expects that all adults will soon be eligible for the program. Bonnie Henry hopes the prom celebrations can continue safely in June. She will tell you more about this later.

A total of 2,335,513 first doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered since the vaccination campaign began.

This means that just over 45% of the entire population of British Columbia received their first injection. Once again, health officials confirmed that 60% to 70% of the total population must be fully vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

To date, 119,691 second doses have been administered.

Choosing a vaccine

British Columbia announced Wednesday that it will reserve the remaining AstraZeneca vaccine for second doses. The province offers Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in abundance and expects to get more.

She is exploring the possibility of choosing these vaccines for a booster dose for those who have already received AstraZeneca.

Contaminated despite the vaccine

During her press briefing, Bonnie Henry presented data that show that infections in vaccinated people are extremely rare. Those who received the injection at least 14 days prior to exposure account for about 1.7% of new cases.

Of the two million British Columbians who received a dose of the vaccine, 1,340 people contracted COVID-19 more than three weeks after being vaccinated. The province has identified 120 cases of people who received two doses and subsequently became infected.

The healthcare professional explained that the risk of infection was significantly reduced 14 days after receiving the first dose. This decrease becomes significant after three weeks as the body develops an immune response.

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