COVID-19: neurological symptoms in 82% of cases

A worldwide study from March to October 2020 found that people hospitalized with COVID-19 experienced neurological symptoms in 82% of cases.

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This study, led by the Global Consortium for Neurological Dysfunction in COVID-19 and the European Academy of Neurology’s Neuro-COVID Registry, published Tuesday, was conducted in 13 countries with 3,744 patients.

Thirty-seven percent of patients who said they had neurological complications reported headaches and 26% reported loss of smell or taste.

Almost half of the respondents (49%) had symptoms of encephalitis. Proving that neurological problems caused by COVID-19 are most often associated with deaths in hospitals, 17% of patients were placed in a coma and 6% suffered from a stroke.

Most of the hospitalized people who took part in the study were men (57%), and the average age of the respondents was about 60 years.

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