COVID-19: new case in Arthabasca – La Nouvelle Union and L’Avenir de l’Erable

Editorial staff of La Nouvelle Union – L’Avenir de l’Érable

A new COVID-19 case in Kingsy Falls has been confirmed at the Arthabasca MRC in the past 24 hours. During this period, no new cases of the disease were diagnosed in L’Heable.

Since March 21 (beginning of the third wave) 474 people from MRC d’Arthabaska, including 243 from Victoriaville, 55 from Warwick, 49 from Daveluyville, 38 from Saint-Christophe-d’Arthabaska and 15 from Saint-Louis-de. -Blandford and 144 people from MRC de L’Érable, including 47 from Plessisville and 45 from Princeville, contracted the disease.

A total of 1,388 people in the Center du Quebec have been infected with the virus since that date. Of these, 1,314 people were recovered.

In the Greater Maurice / Center du Quebec region, 9 people were hospitalized, including 2 in the intensive care unit. Since 21 March, 14 people have died in the Maurice-Center-du-Quebec.

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