Covid-19: new contamination records in Mexico and South Africa

Covid-19 infections continue at a rapid pace on all continents. In Latin America, Mexico recorded a new daily record of contamination on Saturday, while South Africa passed the threshold of 500,000 people infected. France 24 takes stock of the spread of the virus around the world.

Health measures in disarray and ever heavier human toll: at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic, no continent is spared. More than 17.6 million people have been infected to date worldwide and more than 680,000 have died, including nearly 200,000 in the Latin America-Caribbean region alone, according to a report established on Saturday by AFP.

“Most people on the planet can be affected, even those who do not live in hard-hit areas,” warned Saturday 1er August the World Health Organization.

With 154,319 deaths, the United States remains the most bereaved country, followed by Brazil (93,563 deaths), Mexico (47,472 deaths) and the United Kingdom (46,119 deaths).

Mexico identified Saturday for the second day in a row a record of contamination, with 9,556 new cases recorded in 24 hours, according to figures from the Federal Ministry of Health.

The total cases of Covid-19 infection in the country have now reached 434,193, and deaths number 47,472, of which 764 have been recorded in the last 24 hours. As of Friday, the daily number of new cases had been 8,458.

Mexico, with a population of 128.8 million, is the third country in the world in deaths from the new coronavirus since it passed the United Kingdom on Thursday.

However, its death rate, which is 362.1 deaths per million population, is lower than the rates in several countries in Europe and Latin America.

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More than 500,000 people infected in South Africa

South Africa, the country on the African continent most affected by the new coronavirus, has passed the barrier of half a million people infected.

40,000 to 50,000 people could succumb to it by the end of the year, according to official projections. More than a third of the cases have been recorded in Gauteng Province, where Johannesburg and Pretoria, the country’s economic and administrative capitals, are located.

In a statement, President Cyril Ramaphosa nevertheless welcomed the low case fatality rate of the virus in the country. “If South Africa is the fifth country in number of cases, we only arrive in 36e position in number of deaths in proportion to the population “, he assured. The death rate is low, around 1.6%, according to the Ministry of Health.

The official death toll has surpassed 8,150, but it is vastly underestimated, warned experts, who are based in particular on the fact that South Africa has recorded an increase of nearly 60% in the total number of deaths. natural deaths in recent weeks.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which initially progressed more slowly in Africa than in other regions of the world, is now accelerating on the poorest continent, where public health systems are failing, which constitutes a source of concern to WHO.

New restrictions in Europe

In Europe, Norway has indicated that it fears a “further spread” of the virus after the detection of around 30 cases on a cruise ship.

In France, several new outbreaks were identified this week in the department of Mayenne, where the mask will be made compulsory from Monday in public places in 69 municipalities.

For its part, Belgium on Saturday banned “non-essential trips” to the Spanish regions of Navarre, Aragon, Barcelona and Lérida in Catalonia, the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland (Vaud, Valais, Geneva) and the French department of Mayenne.

Filipino health system “overwhelmed”

In the Philippines, associations representing tens of thousands of doctors wrote an open letter in the form of a “distress message to the nation” in the face of a health system portrayed as “overwhelmed”.

“We are losing the battle against Covid-19”, they alarm, pointing out that an increasing number of caregivers are falling ill or quitting their jobs. Some overcrowded hospitals refuse to admit new patients, they warn.

According to the Ministry of Health, 34 health professionals have died from Covid-19 in the Philippines. The total number of deaths on Saturday stood at 2,039.

In Hong Kong, a 500-bed field hospital opened on Saturday to take care of Covid-19 patients as the city faces a new wave of contaminations. The Asian financial center, once a model for managing the epidemic, saw the virus return in July.

Vietnam, which seemed to have succeeded in curbing the new coronavirus, recorded its first death from this disease on Friday, a blow to the country which has been putting forward for months its policy of controlling the epidemic.

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