COVID-19: New Fall in Active Cases in Eastern Ontario

DSince the start of the health crisis, 4,394 people in eastern Ontario have been positively diagnosed with COVID-19. Of this number, 268 are still carriers of the disease, which is 24 fewer active cases than the day before. This decrease is due to the fact that 45 additional people were added to the balance of cases considered resolved according to the latest Public Health statistics.

As of Friday, 28 hospital beds were occupied by patients with coronavirus-related symptoms. Seven of these patients are to be treated in intensive care units. The number of people who have lost the fight against COVID-19 in the region nevertheless remains stable, while the BSEO still lists 101 deaths associated with the disease in its daily update. Most of these deaths occurred during outbreaks in nursing homes, such as when the virus struck the Prescott-Russell Residence nursing home in Hawkesbury or the Pinecrest nursing home in Plantagenet.

In fact, there are currently eight active outbreaks in health centers in Eastern Ontario. The most recent outbreak was reported earlier this week at Foyer St-Viateur nursing home in Limoges, while an outbreak at St-Joseph Continuing Care Center in Cornwall has been raging for a month.

Vaccination check

BSEO, with the help of its community partners, has exceeded the 60,000 vaccine dose mark in the region since the start of the vaccination campaign. In particular, 60,812 doses have been administered to date in Eastern Ontario.

Ontario has received over 5.1 million doses and 68% of the province’s population has yet to receive vaccines. The Ontario government announced Thursday that it plans to open vaccinations to people aged 18 and over from May 24. Entrants aged 30 and over will be eligible to enter the competition from May 17th.

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