COVID-19: New Graduates To Increase Teacher Shortage | Coronavirus

According to CEO Brian O’Leary, there were 114 vacancies at the Seven Oaks school branch as of Friday due to the pandemic, and was able to find replacements for only 71 of them.

Some high school classes have been canceled to provide supervision for younger students. We do our best to simply ensure that the class is observed.says Mr. O’Leary.

The school division has just recruited 150 graduates on full-time replacement contracts, and 40 will start working every day as soon as they are hired, the executive continues.

He believes this will help ease the quarantine pressure teachers must go through.

“We hope that the deficit we saw at the end of last week will not affect us in the same way as it did the rest of the year,” he says. I believe everyone in the system is losing steam.

As of Monday, Winnipeg’s school department has recruited 95 new graduates, as well as 85 more awaiting graduation, spokesman Radin Carter said.

They are added to 37 new hires since February, bringing the number of replacements in the school department to 1,335. Everything fully used, according to Ms. Carter.

She notes that the number of vacancies has increased over the past two weeks and that recruits should help cope with these absences.

However, our employees who are in close contact [de personnes atteintes par la COVID-19] there is no longer a quarantine exclusion (from April 13) and this increases the need to replace or switch to distance learningshe continues.

Vaccinate teachers

As of April 28, the province has reported more than 400 COVID-19 cases among students and teachers.

However, Manitoba’s chief health officer, Brent Russen, says schools are safe and COVID-19 transmission is rare.

Last week, the provincial teachers’ union, the Manitoba Teachers Society, called for a shift to homeschooling in all Winnipeg schools.

Brian O’Leary wants schools to stay open. This is not a decision, this is not a quality education, and we just shift the burden, he said.

Rather, he advocates vaccinating all teachers. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said last week that he is developing a plan to vaccinate all teachers in North Dakota. More details will be published this week.

With information from Bryce Hoye

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