COVID-19: Now is not the time to relax, warns CISSS de l’Outaouais | Coronavirus

For 4e day in Outaouais, the number of new cases of COVID-19 is less than 100 daily infections.

As numbers improve and the Lego government is to announce special emergency measures in place in Outaua, Outaua’s Joint Center for Health and Social Services (CISSS) warns against any hasty action.

Hospital admissions remain very high and the average age of people admitted to hospital is worrying.pointed out CISSS de l’Outaouais in a written reply on Monday.

In addition, the authorities point out that daily reports may be skewed by reduced views.

The screening rate dropped by two weeks, raising concerns about the epidemiological picture., emphasizes CISSS Outaouais.

According to regional public health data, the third wave peaked in Outahua. Therefore, you should always be careful.

The peak of this third wave may have been reached, but it is not under control as other indicators show., Note CISSS Outaouais.

Didn’t win, says Mathieu Lacombe.

Enough to make the minister in charge of Outaouais, Mathieu Lacombe, say the game is not won.

Minister for Family Affairs and Minister in charge of Outaouais, Mathieu Lacombe (archives)

Photo: Radio Canada

I won’t be overjoyed too quickly. We still have to be very, very, very careful, and this is the message that I have been sending for several weeks. You have to be careful with that, but it’s definitely nice to see the numbers fall, I won’t lie to you. But I’m not really happy too quickly– he commented.

To know when sanitary measures in Outaouais can be relaxed, Minister Lacombe continues to be wary.

I will tell you that we are far from announcing this today. We look at the situationThe special emergency measures imposed by the Quebec government for three regions, including Outaouais, are due to end on May 3, he said.

If so, curfew times may be changed and schools may welcome their students again as early as next Monday.

But three times in recent weeks, the Lego government has decided to extend these emergency measures to deal with the pandemic in the region.

The business community is waiting

However, in terms of purchases, we are monitoring the situation closely. In the business world, some people prefer to wait for the situation to stabilize before talking about mitigation measures.

A portrait of a man in front of a painting depicting hats and maple leaves.

Stéphane Bisson, President of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada

Let’s be careful now, because what’s expensive in dollar terms to a business is also expensive in terms of people’s morale – it’s a matter of reopening and then closing. Therefore, we want to make sure everything is done correctly., says Stephane Bisson, president of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce.

For his part, Tony Priftakis, owner of the Saveurs des Continents restaurant in Gatineau, does not expect to open his dining room until the end of May.

A man poses in front of a signboard for his restaurant.

Tony Priftakis, owner of the Saveurs des Continents restaurant in Gatineau

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guillaume Lafreniere

Another problem in the Utahuis region is the other side of the river, in Ottawa, where [salle à manger] will be closed until approximately the end of May. So we need to tie the two sides a little, he said.

The same caution in Ottawa

In Ottawa, where numbers remain high, health authorities are also moderately optimistic about the relative decline in new cases.

“That would be premature,” says Ottawa Public Health (SPO) to draw clear conclusions about the consequences of existing sanitary measures and those that will be taken in the future.

We need more days and weeks of observation to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of public health measures.pointed out SPO by email.

The province of Ontario was locked down until May 20.

We are still in the midst of a resurgence of the worst wave of the entire pandemic, and we must continue to take public health action.

Quote from:Ottawa’s public health response

Public health reported 190 new cases of COVID-19 in the federal capital on Monday. In Ottawa, 370 new infections were reported in mid-April.

But the situation varies from region to region. Since in eastern Ontario, the latest numbers are more encouraging, said a medical officer from the Eastern Ontario Health Department (EOHU).

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis said to himself Pleasantly surprised noting that epidemiological indicators decrease for several days. Among other things, the number of people in the intensive care unit has increased from eleven last week to six this week.

Looking at the middle [mobile hebdomadaire], level BSEOwe are in 85 cases [par 100 000 habitants]… About two weeks ago we actually had 150 [ cas par 100 000 habitants]… We are shrinking. This is good news in my opinion. […] The state of emergency ends on May 20. Hopefully by then we’ll be in red or orange, wishes the doctor BSEO

With information from Mama Afu, Ismail Si and Katherine Morass

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