COVID-19: one death in Lower Saint Laurent

RCM Les Basques has identified two new COVID-19 infections, while RCM Camuraska and Riviere du Loup have identified one each.

Like yesterday, Basse-Saint Laurent has 49 active cases of COVID-19. The number of people who have recovered from the virus is 3832 in the territory of Lower Lawrence. Currently, five people have been hospitalized, three of them are in intensive care.

The outbreak at the Bonsejour residence in Saint-Jean-de-Dieu and the outbreak at the Le Havre La Fontaine residence in the Riviere du Loup remained stable.

579 screening studies were carried out yesterday.

Here is a breakdown of the MRC cases:

  • Camuraska: 670 (+1)
  • Riviere du Loup: 1345 (+1)
  • Subject: 387
  • Basque: 203 (+2)
  • Rimuski-Neigett: 816
  • La Mitis: 178
  • Matani: 251
  • La Matapedia: 81
  • Undefined: 0

Charlevoix has a total of 649 cases to date and has no active cases.

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