Covid-19: only 2% of hospitalizations were linked to it in 2020, true or false?

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    A report on the hospital treatment of Covid-19 highlights this figure, which is included in social networks to minimize the impact of the disease. What is it really?

    On October 28, 2021, the Technical Agency for Hospitalization Information (ATIH) published a report on hospital activity linked to Covid-19 in France in 2020. We learned that that year, the disease accounted for 2% of all hospitalizations and 5% of resuscitations. Figures considered particularly low by some Internet users, who think that the coronavirus has not done as much damage as what the government wanted us to believe. But what does the report actually say?

    The report’s figures

    It can be read that “during the year 2020, 218,000 patients were hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment”, which represents “2% of all hospitalized patients, all hospital camps combined.” These patients also accounted for “5% of all patients in intensive care,” which includes resuscitation, continuous care, and intensive care.

    But we also learned that “more than one in ten patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit was affected by COVID-19 (11%)” and that “almost one in five days of hospitalization in the intensive care unit he dedicated himself to the care of COVID-19 patients (19%) ”.

    The importance of chronology

    What is important to take into account, and this is what the report underlines, is first of all the chronology of hospitalizations for Covid-19. In fact, the number of hospitalized patients was not the same depending on whether we were in the middle of an epidemic wave or not. Thus, the report highlights two important waves: the one from March to May and the one from October to December. “In 2020, the number of patients with COVID in the hospital was maximum on Monday, April 6, it is specified. To this date, nearly 35,100 COVID patients have been hospitalized, all inpatient camps combined. Globally, the daily number of hospitalized COVID patients exceeded 30,000 during the period from March 30 to April 16, 2020. This threshold of 30,000 hospitalized COVID patients was exceeded again as of November 9 and has lows until November 17. “At this time, the hospital tension was, therefore, very real.

    Consider the length of hospital stay

    Second element to take into account: the average duration of hospitalization. This is longer for Covid patients than for influenza-affected patients, for example. “Among the patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit, more than 29,000 were cared for in the intensive care unit with an average duration of 15.7 days. For comparison, treatment in the intensive care unit for influenza in 2019 lasted an average of 11.0 days per patient, ”the report emphasizes.

    Consult a GP online

    Covid-19: 1 in 5 patients died while in hospital

    Finally, the death rates linked to Covid must also be taken into account, because, to say the least, uplifting: “One in five patients hospitalized for COVID-19 died during their hospitalization. Of all hospital deaths that occurred in 2020, 11% involved COVID patients. “


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