Covid-19: our advice to more easily find a vaccination niche

As millions of French people flock to the dates for a booster dose, here are some tips to turn the odds in your favor.

The rush for the battlements was expected: it is confirmed day by day. Although contaminations are increasing in France, with the arrival of Christmas, many French are looking to get an appointment to receive their booster dose. As of November 30, nearly 8.2 million people had received their additional injection, a number that is increasing dramatically every day: a record 556,000 booster injections were also recorded on December 2, according to authorities.

Therefore, several million people are waiting to receive their booster dose, especially before the end of the year holidays. Finding a niche isn’t always easy – here are some tips to help you.

Try it at your neighborhood pharmacy

This is the first option: for several months, City Medicine has been actively participating in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. Present on reservation platforms, pharmacies can also put aside the doses they offer to their customers, as we have seen in Paris. Therefore, it is quite possible to ask your pharmacist if there are any doses left to administer and try your luck. Some professionals may also set up a waiting list and contact those interested in the event that an appointment is canceled, for example. A method that, although not infallible, is still easy to test.

Use “Quick my dose!”

Spontaneously, many Internet users come to Doctolib to find a vaccination appointment. But this is to forget that other platforms, sometimes less in demand, also offer niches. Developed by Guillaume Rozier, who is already behind a host of tools like CovidTracker and VaccinTracker, “Quickly my dose!” offers vaccination appointments, geolocated, combining those of several websites, such as Keldoc, Doctolib, Maiia, MaPharma or Valwin. A wider choice, therefore, that facilitates the search for niches.

Modern Favor for Adults Over 30

The recall campaign is based on two similar vaccines and uses the same technology. But the first, that of Pfizer, is much better known to the French: it must be said that more than 40.8 million of them received a first dose with this vaccine, compared to only 5.7 million with Moderna. As a result, the Pfizer vaccine is often spontaneously preferred for booster injections, to the detriment of its counterpart.

However, the two vaccines complement each other perfectly, as Professor Alain Fischer, president of the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council, recalled during a press conference on Friday. Reserved for people 30 and older, “Moderna is slightly superior to Pfizer in terms of efficiency,” he said. “The success of the recall campaign can only be achieved if we mobilize Pfizer and Moderna,” insisted the Ministry of Health. […] Currently, the question is not whether we will have this or that vaccine, it is rather a booster ”.

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Moderna’s shares for booster injections are currently less used and larger than those of Pfizer: favoring a withdrawal by the former may therefore be a good strategy. At least that is what the Ministry of Health advocates: “we will not be able to fight the battle without using Moderna. These are two perfectly effective messenger RNA vaccines […] that we use as much as possible. The message is clear: to achieve mass vaccination of all our eligible fellow citizens, we need both weapons, “Pfizer as Modern.”

This vaccine will also be preferred in vaccination centers in the future, because it comes in twenty-dose vials, as a reminder, easier to dispose of in these places than in doctor’s offices or pharmacies. Therefore, the centers will receive “significant supplies from Moderna”: favoring this vaccine in research may be an option, provided they are over 30 years old. It should be remembered that it is quite possible to have completed your vaccination program with Pfizer and received a booster from Moderna, and vice versa.

Watch it every day on the platforms

Remember, if some may be discouraged when their search for an appointment is unsuccessful, “between 400,000 and 800,000 spots” are opened daily, the Health Ministry said, confirming a statement from Olivier Véran. To date, 2.5 million appointments remain available by the end of January, with new ones appearing periodically.

Therefore, looking often, or even several times a day, on platforms is a good option. “The system is dynamic, with many appointments open every day,” we said.

Use the line break number reserved for certain special cases

In the rush, people who are older or less comfortable with the Internet can feel overwhelmed. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has created a skip-the-line number, active as of today, dedicated to people over 65, as well as people who have received a single injection of Janssen.

Specifically, vaccination centers must reserve 5% of their quotas for the fast-track number: interested persons must, therefore, call 0 800 730 956 to be guided by “agents trained to make appointments online”. Only agents can have access to the spaces reserved by the centers and can therefore easily find a space for priority people. Please note: this number should only be used by and for these target populations.

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