COVID-19: Outbreak at Horizon Santé-Nord Hospital | Coronavirus: Ontario

The public health department did not specify how many cases were identified in the hospital. This is the second outbreak in this Horizon Santé-Nord building in 12 days.

Victims will be notified by the Sudbury and County Health Department or hospital.

As of noon on May 4, at Horizon Santé-Nord, 14 patients had been tested positive for COVID-19, including 8 in the intensive care unit and 13 patients awaiting screening test results.

Sudbury and County Public Health also identified 10 new infections on Tuesday, as well as 5 new recoveries.

It is the only public health facility in northern Ontario to record an increase in active cases in the past 24 hours.

After a sharp decline in active cases on Monday, the Porcupine Health Division (BSP) announced 7 cases on Tuesday evening after adding 21 heals to its number earlier today.

The Northwest Department of Health and the Thunder Bay County Health Department (BSDTB) have reported 6 new cases and a total of 25 recoveries.

Health posts in Algoma (-5), Timiskaming (-3) and North Bay Parry Sound (-1) health districts also saw fewer active cases.


Dr. Leanne Catton, Medical Specialist, Health Division BSP, stressed during a press briefing that vaccination records will be available in the coming days.

She said she was a little surprised to see that appointments for key workers and people over 50 were not being accepted as quickly as expected.

Sometimes we overestimate the number of suitable people in small communities., she added.

Nearly half of the adults in the Northwest Health Department, Kenora and Rainey River Counties received at least their first dose of the vaccine.

IN BSDTB administered the first dose to just over 45% of people aged 16 and over in its territory as of May 1.

Nearly 47,000 residents of the North Bay Parry Sound Medical Region received the first dose of the vaccine, representing 43% of the adult population.

Health Service Timiskaming is updating the number of vaccines administered on Thursdays. As of April 28, 43.5% of adults were receiving the dose.

Public Health Algoma is the last in Northern Ontario, with 38.3% of adults receiving their first dose.

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