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A teenager who organized a private party where COVID-19 spread on June 28 in Saint-Chrysostome expressed regret on social networks.

“I am 100% aware that this was the worst mistake in the world”

“I had a party last Sunday and yes it was stupid I realize that. I am extremely sorry for all the parents, children and families, I did not realize the consequences before I made my party “, wrote the 15 year old girl on her Facebook account. She deleted the post after receiving hate messages.

Several nevertheless praised his “courage” to reveal his gesture and to recognize his error.

The teenager believed that she was acting legally. “But I imagine that you are aware that the government authorized gatherings of 50 people, indeed we were sixty,” she writes. In fact, it is in places of worship and performance halls, among other places, that the government has authorized gatherings of 50 people. The limit is always ten for citizens. And the rules of social distancing are still in order.

The teen’s mother went away and gave her daughter permission to party, according to La Presse reports. Girl who originally planned to invite 10 people but a friend would have mentioned the possibility, she said, of being 50. The address of the house was found on Snapchat and Instagram and the young people arrived in large numbers, according to Montreal daily life.

The organizer argues that she is not the only one to blame. “Yes, I understand your frustration,” she writes, “it is very justifiable, you are tired of being confined and everyone wants it to stop. I would just like to make you understand that it is not only my fault, yes it is mostly my fault but all the young people who came are not better. Coming to my party had to be aware of the consequences and think about the fact that you could be infected. In addition, the person who came with COVID and who tested positive before coming was not better on his part. So I’m not the only one to have a party and I’d like you to realize that. In short, I’m sorry. “

After the party, several guests who were there experienced symptoms of COVID-19. Cases have been confirmed. The organizer herself is affected. They had contact with their relatives. Work colleagues.

As a result, several businesses in the region employing young people who had caught the virus or had contact with an infected person had to temporarily close.


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