COVID-19 outbreaks complicate school grading

At the École Le Salesien in Sherbrooke, two classes of 33 students were affected. Half of them will return on June 21st. As for the rest, they will have to remain isolated until June 24, when the school year ends.

Jean-Marc Poulin, general director of the Salesian Society, notes, however, that these are two groups of students who could remain on school benches throughout the year. In some groups, teachers already have enough material. They were able to rate them during the school year.he explains.

In other subjects, the School has not yet decided how to correctly assess the knowledge of students. One thing is for sure, the CEO assures, that by the end of class, June 15, they will be eligible for home lessons. We can do remote assessments, but we’ll have to rethink them.

We fully trust the professional opinion of the teachers. We have a pedagogical supervisor who accompanies teachers so that everyone is comfortable.

Quote from:Jean-Marc Poulin, General Director of the Salesian Society

Jean-Marc Poulin admits that it will be impossible to compare the results of students at school with the results of those who will take exams at home, but he assures that the practice will be adequate and fair.

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