Covid-19: parties without barrier gestures

A tide of young revelers gathered in front of the stage, without any barrier gesture. Nearly 2,000 have responded to the call for techno music in Gonesse (Val d´Oise). “If it goes well so much the better, if it goes badly too bad, relativizes one of the participants. Personally I do not see any problem, I am not afraid of a second wave. This kind of evening started there. Almost a month ago, if that had caused a second wave, we would know. “

From 4 p.m., the parking lot of an industrial area in Ile-de-France was stormed. No distancing measure is imposed, a semblance of control at the entrance, a single point of disinfectant gel, nothing to fight against the Covid. “We are hypocrites, big egotists, concedes a young man. We will reproach people for not wearing the mask in the street, while we are participating in the spread of the virus.” The organizer of the illegal party says he believes in collective immunity and believes he has taken sufficient precaution.

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