COVID-19: Patient Urges Police to Show More Resilience to Protesters

Kelly Munce was admitted to Regina General Hospital on the day of several provincial rallies.

A man on a life support apparatus says the demonstrators have no intention of following the orders of the health authorities.

They will not stop until they are stopped.

Quote from:Kelly Muns hospitalized with COVID-19 at Regina General Hospital

During a mask protest in Maple Creek, in the southwestern province, public health inspector Bradford Gisbrecht greeted protesters and shook hands with one of the organizers over the weekend.

Kelly Muns considers this image to be a symbol of non-compliance with current sanitary measures.

As if someone spat on me. I’m surprised that this can happen.

Quote from:Kelly Muns hospitalized with COVID-19 at Regina General Hospital

University of Saskatchewan infectious disease expert Andrew Potter agrees. He believes that the police should intervene to stop these gatherings and these demonstrations, or at least impose fines on everyone on the spot.

Andrew Potter wants sanitation measures to be applied more vigorously to protect the population.

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Potter

At the moment, participants in a rally in Saskatoon, held over the weekend, have been fined 11. In total, 17 tickets were issued to participants in rallies and demonstrations.

During these events, the police block access and escort the participants. It’s as if the police are protecting the demonstrators, not the population. said Andrew Potter.

This is not fair. We have sanitary measures and we must comply with them. If not, then this is all a joke.

Quote from:Andrew Potter, infectious disease expert at the University of Saskatchewan
People without masks gather in a park in Saskatoon.

The organizers of the action, which the organizers identified as a time for free time for children in the park, violated health protection measures. They state that meetings should be limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Photo: Radio Canada

Attorney General Gordon Wiant said it was a sign that the government was not going to let this happen.

According to the minister, the new measures should take effect by mid-May.

We want sanitary measures to be respected, so that police services can do this, and that they are followed by legal proceedings.

Quote from:Gordon Wiant, Minister of Justice

More anti-disguise demonstrations are planned in the provinces, especially in Regina, in the near future.

With information from Jason Warwick

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