Covid-19: pharmacists and general practitioners want to vaccinate Moderna

The French Covid-19 vaccination campaign set a new record this weekend with over 600,000 injections in one day, Thursday. But the manager still wants to speed up the pace. From Monday, people under 50 will be able to get vaccinated five days ahead of schedule. Then, from 4:00 pm on Wednesday, all adults can try to get vaccinated on one condition: that the next day free time is announced.

“There have been experiments that seem convincing.”

These records can only be made at a vaccination center, which pharmacists and doctors regret. They don’t have serums suitable for people under 55. On Friday “Europe 1″ Jacques Battistoni, president of MG France, called for the Moderna vaccine in urban medicine: “The Moderna vaccine is quite applicable in the city. This is what is being discussed in the ministry. few weeks. At the end of April, experiments were carried out in the Moselle, which seem convincing. ”

“The best opportunities for obtaining mass support of the population”

According to Jacques Battistoni, doctors and pharmacists are also more likely to convince their patients to get vaccinated. “We all know patients who say, ‘I’ll get vaccinated if you get vaccinated, but it’s hard for me to go to the vaccination center. In addition, we know that convincing people is our job and our asset in the vaccination campaign because we know our patients well. We know their resistance. We also know which arguments will be important to them. We are the professionals who are best suited to gain wider membership among the population, ”he said.

For its part, the government has reaffirmed its goal of reaching 20 million first injections by May 15, followed by 30 million injections by June 15. A goal that could make it possible, if achieved, is to better fight the virus this summer.

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