COVID-19: Promising preliminary results from a US vaccine project

(Washington) US biotech company Novavax, which has received $ 1.6 billion from Washington to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus, announced on Tuesday that its experimental vaccine had produced high levels of antibodies in a few dozen volunteers .

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Novavax is one of six companies in which Donald Trump’s government has invested significantly since March.

The two most advanced Western projects in terms of clinical trials are those of the British University of Oxford, allied with the AstraZeneca laboratory, and the American biotech Moderna, associated with the American Institutes of Health, which have both launched their trials. phase 3 on thousands and, ultimately, tens of thousands of participants.

But the first phase of clinical vaccine trials still involves a few dozen healthy participants, in order to verify that the vaccine is not toxic, and to see if it triggers an initial immune response.

Participants in this phase 1 trial of Novavax, which included 131 people in Australia, including 50 with placebos, developed antibodies after the first dose of the vaccine, including neutralizing antibodies for “many of them,” said the company in a press release.

After the second dose, all vaccinated participants developed neutralizing antibodies.

The experimental vaccine also triggered a T cell response, the other part of the immune response against a virus.

The injections have caused side effects, including pain during the injection, headache, fatigue and muscle pain. After the second dose, the effects were more severe, but none reached severe, according to Novavax.

These results have been submitted for publication by a scientific journal. As of yet, they have not been evaluated independently.

If this vaccine proved successful after larger trials, it would be the first to be authorized from biotech. Donald Trump visited the experimental doses production site last week.

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