COVID-19 Protocols and Vaccinations | Goalkeeper Robin Lehner is outraged by NHL

(Las Vegas) Vegas Golden Knights goalkeeper Robin Lehner fired an arrow towards the NHL on Wednesday, saying the league had changed after pledging some mitigations in its COVID-19 protocol after reaching a certain vaccination threshold.

Associated Press

He mentioned that he had spoken to the league and the Players’ Association the day before and was not satisfied with the answers he received.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) they told me they were studying the teams to determine which of them received the vaccine and which did not, and they will not deviate from their plan for us, the players, until all the teams are vaccinated. … to ensure there is no competitive advantage, ”Lehner said.

“They are talking about competitive advantages, not human lives. Competitive advantage, human lives. We’re human too, ”he continued.

The NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball have told teams that the COVID-19 protocol, which includes mandatory masks, could be relaxed after certain sections of the staff are vaccinated. Lehner added that the NHL modeled the NBA and promised the same relaxation before backing down on its word.

Lehner discussed in detail the mental health issues associated with player isolation.

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