COVID-19 Rapid Test Pilot Project in Trois-Rivieres

For the past three weeks, rapid tests have been available at the Gérôme-Cotnoire arena in Trois-Rivieres. The pilot project is aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the screening and the separation of teams, which must be specially trained to conduct rapid tests.

At the Trois-Rivières Screening Clinic, public health uses up to 50 rapid tests per day. People can be checked on site in about 20 minutes. Results are sent to the screened person in less than three hours, compared to 13 hours waiting for a regular test.

To access it, you must have symptoms. Thus, the teams take a normal sample by rinsing or swabbing for normal analysis. They take another sample from the mouth and nostrils for a quick check. They have three machines for checking samples.

As for the benefits, there are many, especially when it comes to people who have symptoms. In fact, they get results faster, can confirm it’s not COVID, and can remove isolation faster. It also allows health authorities to conduct investigations. If we identify positive cases, it happens instantly, and the result is given much faster. This way we can isolate relatives [gens] declared positive– explains Valerie Genest, coordinator of the Trois-Rivières screening center.

The pilot project is due to take place in Victoriaville this week and in Drummondville and Chavinigan in the coming weeks.

With information from Raphael Drouin

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