COVID-19: Reducing Hospital Admissions in Quebec and Ontario

The number of patients in hospitals in Quebec and Ontario fell on Sunday, which is especially gratifying in Ontario, where the health care system is under great pressure.

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After hitting a record 900 bedridden patients with COVID-19 in intensive care units on Saturday, the number dropped to 895 on Sunday in Ontario. A total of 1,961 people were battling the disease in hospitals across the province, compared with 191, but this decline is often seen on weekends in Ontario.

At the same time, the number of new infections in the country’s most populous province continued to fluctuate: 3,732 more cases, as well as 23 deaths.

To counter the fallout from the pandemic, the Ontario government announced that starting Monday, all people 18 and older in the hardest-hit regions will be able to make an appointment for vaccinations. Half of the doses received by the province will be directed to these red districts, mainly in Toronto, its suburbs and Ottawa.

For its part, Quebec reported 1,006 new cases and nine deaths, in line with numbers in the past few days, the day after a monster demonstration against health measures that involved tens of thousands of people.

At the same time, the slow decline in the number of hospitalized people continued in the province of La Belle, where 574 beds were occupied by patients with the virus (-4), including 157 in the intensive care unit (-2).

No parliament

On the west side, Alberta announced that the Legislature would not meet for two weeks as the province became the epicenter of the country’s pandemic.

As of Saturday, Alberta has reported a record 2,433 new infections, in addition to one additional death.

In the rest of the prairies, Saskatchewan (239 cases, 1 death) and Manitoba (281 cases, 2 deaths) also published alarming reports, especially in Manitoba, which had half the number of cases in mid-April.

Heavy casualties continued to pile up on the eastern side of Nova Scotia, with an additional 133 infections, the day after a record 148 infections, the data partly attributed to a delay in the analysis of tests.

The province has reported 655 infections in the past seven days, or 24.2% of the 2,708 infections in Nova Scotia since the pandemic began.

Prime Minister Ian Rankin urged his fellow citizens not to get upset. “In the past, we have curled up and stopped the spread and we will do it again,” he said in a statement.

Newfoundland and Labrador, for their part, reported 18 cases of infection, but 11 of them were related to the crew of the cargo ship. Six cases and one death were also reported in New Brunswick.

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