Covid-19: resumption of patient transport

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T. Hesnard, C. Schaffer, B. Bour, Martinique La 1ère, C. Gindre – France 3

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On the Covid-19 front, solidarity between hospitals continues. Patients are transferred from areas of tension to those where the incidence of illness remains below the alarm threshold.

Evacuate patients as quickly as possible and in the best possible conditions. On Sunday, August 15, six patients, well-accompanied, made an eight-hour flight between Martinique and the metropolis. Before leaving, 35 doctors, logisticians and nurses worked diligently to install the equipment. The operation is millimeter. Since the end of July, 19 patients have been transferred from Antilles hospitals to Metropolis. But not all patients can travel.

The choice is made according to two criteria: by agreement of families and compatibility with medical evacuation, and a certain resilience of the patient, and the fact that he will remain in intensive care for a long time.“explains Benjamin Garel, director of CHU Martinique. Transfers that also occur throughout the area. Since the beginning of the fourth wave, 32 patients have been transferred to the least affected regions. A new strategy compared to the first wave.

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