Covid-19: Russians are in no hurry with Sputnik V vaccine

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L. Lacroix, A. Kuhn, I. Golovkova, A. Manivit – France 2

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The population of Russia does not show much enthusiasm for the vaccine against COVID-19, Sputnik V. In Moscow, the mayor’s office offers tours. to over 60 years with every injection in an effort to speed up the campaign.

Moscow City Hall, Russia, offers a voucher to over 60 years of age who have agreed to be vaccinated against COVID-19 To administer the Sputnik V vaccine, Alevtina, 79, receives a coupon equivalent to € 11. The goal is to reinvigorate a vaccination campaign that is slowly slipping away: Only nine% The Russians were vaccinated half as much as in France.

The Russian authorities are stepping up communication campaigns to convince the population. The country left with a head start: vaccination accessible to all and a home vaccine effective in 92% But most Russians are not going to get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a poll published last March. Some of the young people we met felt they were protected from the virus, others feared the side effects of the vaccine. Sputnik V suffered another setback as Brazil refused to approve it for fear of problems in the manufacturing process.

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