Covid-19: Some people may need a 4th dose of vaccine

The evolving health situation and the emergence of new options suggest that for some people, two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, no matter which one, will not be enough. According to Le Figaro, immunocompromised people are most affected and may need new doses. Not just a third, as the COSV demanded in early May, but possibly a fourth. “For those who are considered too weak in their antibody response, it is likely that a fourth dose will be considered,” suggests Ivany Kaye, one of its members. But so far nothing has been completely fixed.

The likelihood of a fourth dose is the most likely, or at least the most logical, but there may be higher doses. Alain Fisher, Chair of the Vaccine Strategy Steering Committee, hypothesizes the use of multiple combination vaccines. Another treatment that is currently being tested is also being considered: monoclonal antibodies.

Final trials with 3rd dose

In any case, two doses seem to be really insufficient, according to COSV: “Recent data have shown that the antibody immune response elicited after two doses of vaccine was insufficient (…) A defect in antibody production was observed, in particular, in transplant recipients, dialysis patients, patients with autoimmune diseases and some patients with malignant hemopathies, ”the Council notes.

The trials carried out on patients who received the third dose are encouraging, according to a report from Western France. “Some severely immunocompromised people who did not have antibodies after the second injection have antibodies after the third injection. This is evidence of efficiency, ”says Ivany Kaye. Nothing has been decided yet and trials are still ongoing, but a vaccine strategy may still be evolving for a certain number of people.

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