Covid-19: the evolution of the epidemic in New Aquitaine

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday about “warning signals” of “significant increases in the circulation of the virus” in the Southwest, especially in Occitania and New Aquitaine. The Regional Health Agency confirms an increase in incidence in three departments, which is helping to slow the ebb of the epidemic.

“Between two weeks ago and last week, we saw a 7% decrease in the incidence rate, which is much less than the 20-30% in the previous week, which means something is happening. Something is bothering me, ”he said. its director Benoit Ellebud on Wednesday night.

Thus, the regional incidence rate has stabilized at 71.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and remains below the national level (91). But in the Atlantic Pyrenees, it increased by 36%, reaching 110, associated with several clusters, especially in schools. Progress is also seen in Charente-Maritime (44.7) and Lot-et-Garonne (69.3). On the other hand, the incidence rate is declining everywhere, in particular from 84 to 75 in the Gironde.

The effect of removing restrictions

“Our region has been singled out because of this two-factor kink, so ARS CEO Nouvelle-Aquitaine sees himself as relative: lifting a certain number of restrictive and containment measures, and since our region has been less affected, we have a young population not eligible for vaccination who is less immunized. “

The virus “spreads much more easily,” but “there is no sign that we will be less respectful of barrier gestures,” he continues. According to ARS, the strongest increase in the Atlantic Pyrenees is

Benoit Elleboud also pointed out that the so-called Indian variants found in the region, including most recently in Landah, are under control. He also believes that he has no “indicator of concern” about the evolution of the Bakalan cluster, where a specific vaccination campaign is ongoing. The vaccination rate in the region is now 42.5% of the population, compared with 39% for the country.

Finally, ARS believes that “all hospital indicators in the region are green.” As of May 26, 945 people were hospitalized with Covid-19, including 165 in intensive care.

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