Covid-19: “The only way out that protects the population is the vaccine,” insists Elie Azoulay, a resuscitator at Saint Louis Hospital.

“An effective stronghold, the only way out to protect the population, is the vaccine.”, scored on Monday 26 July, on franceinfo, Elie Azoulay, resuscitator and head of the intensive care unit at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris, while six resuscitators from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, heads of services and department coordinators, call for vaccinations in a forum published on Monday with the support of the Regional Health Agency. They found that 94% of Covid-19 patients admitted to intensive care since July 5 were not vaccinated.

“Today’s vaccine is what has helped reduce the severity of the crisis in many countries.”– emphasizes Eli Azulay. It also had an effect “Reduce the use of hospitalization and intensive care”… Lining up on the platform of his colleagues, the resuscitator of the Saint-Louis Hospital confirms that the patients admitted to his department, “Those we have seen and those we see now are arriving, younger, sometimes without comorbidities and in any case do not have a complete vaccination schedule.”… Although some have recently had their first injection, “There is no patient in intensive care” didn’t have “Complete vaccination schedule”

Faced with the reluctance of some patients to get vaccinated, Eli Azoulay advocates “pedagogy”… He assures “understand” hesitations and notes that there is “The need for global pedagogy, but also the need for individual pedagogy”“We go out to people, talking beautifully, explaining.” He remembers that he faced “nurses, doctors, orderlies who carried an extremely heavy wave of Covid”… And these educators “Burnt, damaged, burnt. They have this emotional exhaustion, that is, in vain we will feel their irritation “… Therefore, for the resuscitator, the question is “In front of them to explain that even if they are young, they can still develop serious forms. And refusal to vaccinate is a risk for oneself and for others “

Therefore, in order to convince them, it is necessary “do it slowly, with a certain pedagogy”– insists the head of the intensive care unit of the Saint-Louis hospital. Not being sure of “win for everyone”, this will allow “calm people down”adopting “That there are arguments to postpone vaccination or to take some precautions”

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