COVID-19: The Problem Of Household Theft In Alberta

The number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta has skyrocketed recently, but this province has had the most domestic flights with infected people on board.

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From April 18 to April 30, 55 flights departing from Calgary International Airport had at least one passenger infected with the virus, according to Health Canada. Most of the affected aircraft landed in Montreal and Toronto.

Thirty-one other problem aircraft also took off from the vicinity of Fort McMurray, also in Alberta. In total, almost half of the 206 flights with an infected passenger in Canada originated from the province between April 18 and 30.

By comparison, only 20 flights departing from Montreal-Trudeau Airport infected people on board.

Alberta added another 2012 cases to her losses on Monday. With an average of 440.5 cases per million population over seven days, Prairie province outperforms all Canadian provinces, as well as all US states in this regard.

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