Covid-19: transparency promised on vaccines, France under the threat of the English variant

On the second day of the vaccination campaign for the over 75s in the city, for which the government has promised transparency, France remains under the threat of the British variant of Covid-19, more contagious, which further pushes the return to normal life.

This lasting deviation from normality is symbolized by spectacular figures published on Tuesday morning: the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused the death of 71,342 people in total, has also resulted in a drop in life expectancy in France. birth of almost five months for women (85.2 years) and six months for men (79.2), according to the 2020 demographic report from INSEE, published Tuesday.

And other announcements show that the crisis is lasting. Thus, Disneyland Paris, the first private tourist destination in Europe, will not reopen before April 2 at best, and not February 13.

Wednesday, the day of a new health defense council, it is the ski resorts that are likely to see their hopes melt like snow in the sun of their hopes of restarting this winter the ski lifts already closed during the Christmas holidays.

“If we miss the February holidays (spread from February 6 to March 1), it is a dark season” which promises to be, warns Jean-Luc Boch, president of the National Association of Mayors of Mountain Resorts (ANMSM ). “We will have breakage.”

Because France remains on a high plateau of contamination and hospital admissions for Covid patients, and the threat of the spread of the “VOC 202012/01” variant, which has overwhelmed the British health system, is materializing. According to Inserm projections, this variant could become “dominant in France between late February and mid-March”.

– Masks –

“New weekly hospitalizations should reach the level of the peak of the first wave (about 25,000 per week) between mid-February and early April, in the absence of interventions,” add the authors of the study, who do not assess however, not yet the effects of the curfew advanced to 6:00 p.m. for all of France since Saturday.

A measure that has been added to the closure of bars, restaurants and cultural places, in force since the end of October, and with no prospect of reopening immediately.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, clarified the doctrine on masks, after new recommendations from the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) related to the threat of the English variant.

“Almost all industrial masks”, what “we call masks for the general public of level 1”, remains valid, declared on France Inter the minister who on the other hand called to avoid “the artisanal mask which one manufactures at home with the best intention in the world “.

If the minister noted “a curfew effect” in the 15 departments where it came into force earlier, since January 2, hospital admissions immediately experience a slight upturn, with 1,995 arrivals on Tuesday, against 1,660 the previous Tuesday, for a total of 25,532 hospitalized Covid-19 patients (against 24,263 on January 1).

The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care has risen above 2,800 since Monday, while it had stabilized around 2,600 since the end of December. And on Tuesday, the number of new 24-hour intensive care admissions exceeded 300 for the first time since mid-November (315).

– 2nd dose for Mauricette –

In this context, vaccination, which started on Monday for five million over 75 years in the city and people with certain pathologies (800,000), after nursing homes and health professionals over 50, is becoming increasingly more crucial. But day 1 of the general public campaign was marked on Monday by critics of local elected officials, unhappy with the too few doses that had arrived in their vaccination centers.

To answer it, Olivier Véran promised, at the request of Emmanuel Macron, “to publish in full transparency the precise number of doses which each vaccination center – there are more than 900 – has”.

Objective, to show the population “that there are no hidden stocks”, insisted Olivier Véran.

Tuesday evening, the Directorate General of Health reported a balance sheet of 586,000 doses of vaccine injected.

This week, 160,000 injections are expected in retirement homes and 330,000 vaccinations outside nursing homes.

In total, France had received 1,567,000 doses as of January 17, to which must be added 383,000 doses this week, said the ministry, specifying that it was now making its calculations at a rate of 6 doses per vial of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine , and no longer 5, following the recommendations of the European health authorities.

Among those vaccinated, “Mauricette received her 2nd dose” Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Health. The first French vaccine had received the previous injection in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) on December 27.

The health authorities also indicated on Tuesday that five deaths of “elderly or very old people with comorbidities”, who had received the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, have been identified to date, without a link being established. stage between their death and a reaction to the vaccine.

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