Covid-19: vaccination center at Drome already accepts 12-year-olds


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N. Dahan, C. La Rocca, A. Didier – France 2

France Televisions

While 50% of French people received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the schedule is accelerating even further with the participation of 12-18-year-olds who will soon have access to the vaccine on June 15. In Drôme, the center already accepts the smallest.

On Saturday 5 June, a 12-year-old girl was vaccinated against Covid-19 in Saint-Jean-en-Rouyan in Drome. While teens will be able to access the Covid-19 vaccine from June 15, the municipal vaccination center accepts young people 12 and older for ten days. Some families have taken an hour’s drive to benefit from this.

Thus, on Saturday, the population of the center became noticeably younger. Some take the opportunity to vaccinate their children before going on vacation. The teenager must give consent, have parental consent and be accompanied by an adult. They are injected with Pfizer. “I think it’s best to vaccinate the people you meet“says Anne-Rose, one of the patients of the day. The center has taken a leading role in the face of an increasing number of doses that are not being found by those taking them.

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