Covid-19 vaccination: flexibility for better progress

Happy teenage start. At the time of the opening of the meetings, 62,000 registrations had been made for persons under 18 years of age. “This is a very good surprise – stronger membership than expected” stressed the head of the Doctolib website Stanislas Nyoks-Chateau during a press conference.

No sagging. The vaccination campaign continues at a steady pace, with about 4 million injections given last week. The decline in the number of initial injections noted last week will only be cyclical. Pfizer’s vaccine is consumed on a rolling basis (92%) and has mobilized many re-injection appointments.

To the plateau. People over 70 are first vaccinated by 82%, those over 50 by 74%, those over 18 by (already) 58%. Within a few weeks, we will reach the level of adherence to vaccination. Priority vaccination of people with concomitant pathology has a ceiling: “65% is not enough says the person in charge of the vaccination campaign. It is necessary to make 20 points of primary injection. We mobilize all players on the field and health insurance in this regard. “

The time between two doses of mRNA vaccine was reduced. This includes both anticipating the risk associated with the delta variant (Indian), which is not adequately counteracted by a single dose of vaccine, disposing of doses that will continue to arrive this summer (23 million in July), and avoiding difficulties in obtaining a second dose. on vacation it’s a brake. Olivier Veran announced on Twitter on Tuesday that the time between two doses of mRNA vaccine could be reduced to 21 days (which is permitted by the marketing authorization). Maximum 49 days remaining. The UK bet on excessively lengthening the time between two doses of vaccine has shown its limits.

Janssen is struggling. The Janssen vaccine requires only one injection. But when only 22% of the doses are consumed, there is clearly a problem. Even if it is intended for people over 55 years of age, its ease of use makes it particularly suitable for vaccinating the most vulnerable groups who are not easy to convince. Delivery delays due to inappropriate batches produced at the American plant did not help matters.

Modern is looking for its place. Pharmacists and doctors ordered 700,000 doses of the vaccine last week, but information that an mRNA vaccine is available in the city has not been fully released. The search for ten patients to be vaccinated in six hours remains a major concern. Doctors should ” very soon “ have a list of unvaccinated patients, according to the person in charge of the vaccination campaign. Moderna’s likely endorsement of adolescent vaccinations this summer should help.

AstraZeneca is not completely out of the game. Only 15% of the primary vaccinations last week were given with AstraZeneca, but there were 300,000 second injections. “Astra must maintain its place in the vaccination strategy”, we insist in the ministry.

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The vaccination against the coronavirus of adolescents from 12 to 18 years old has begun.  Like here at the Beaujouard vaccination center in Nantes.

Covid-19 vaccination: flexibility for better

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