COVID-19 Vaccination: Northern Ontario Above Provincial Average | Coronavirus: Ontario

For example, Timiskaming Health Services said in an update on Thursday that 43.5% of people age 16 and older received at least one dose, including 95% of people over 80.

This percentage is similar in the Greater Sudbury area, with 43.9% of adults receiving their first dose.

The Thunder Bay County Health Department reports that as of April 24, it had the first dose of the drug to 56,238 people, or 41% of the population.

Assuming the office had maintained the average over the previous two weeks (1,200 to 1,300 people vaccinated per day), the percentage would have been around 45% as of April 29.

The Porcupine Health Division (BSP) does not list the percentage, but does show on its website that 28,664 people received the vaccine, which is almost half of adults.

According to the 2016 census, in the territory of St. BSP, roughly the same as Cochrane County, had 61,430 people over the age of 19.

For its part, the Northwest Department of Health on April 25 reached 39% of adults partially vaccinated against COVID-19.

The North Bay Parry Sound County health facility (39%) is slightly above the provincial average (38.4%).

According to the latest data, Algoma Public Health is considered the only northern health facility with below the provincial average vaccination rate for adults against COVID-19, with 35.8% receiving at least one dose.

Another sharp increase in the incidence in the Timmins area

On Thursday, Porcupine Health Division reported 19 new cases of COVID-19, the vast majority in the Timmins area.

IN BSP 9 cases were announced late in the morning, and 10 more in the evening.

The Thunder Bay County Health Department has reported 15 new infections.

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital also admitted the first COVID-19 patient from another region.

The Sudbury and County Public Health Service (SPSD) and the Northwest Health Office (BSNO) each identified eight cases.

SPSD Informs the public about the high risk of COVID-19 infection for people attending a public event on April 23 at 451 Old Webbwood Road in Hispaniola.

From my side BSNO announced an outbreak at Kenora’s No Frills grocery store after three cases of infection were found among employees.

The North Bay-Parry Sound District Health Office, which recorded the lowest number of cases per 100,000 in Ontario in the past week, added four cases to its losses on Thursday.

The smallest increases were seen in Algoma Public Health and Timiskaming Health Services, with three cases each.

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