Covid-19: vaccinations may affect adolescents

INWith Europe speeding up its Covid-19 vaccination campaign every day to get back to normal life as quickly as possible, some dare to ask a question. How about vaccinating the smallest? If during a recent press briefing Olivier Veran ruled out the possibility of vaccinating children, explaining that the question is not currently relevant, could the answer regarding adolescents be different? Pfizer is already in its early stages. According to information from ParisianOn Wednesday, April 28, the American laboratory intends to inquire about the European health authorities.

“Inevitably, filing with the European Medicines Agency,” the laboratory even told a French newspaper bluntly. At the end of March, Pfizer-BioNTech announced that its Covid-19 vaccine is also 100% effective in adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15. There is still research to be done to consolidate these findings, but the laboratory has already applied for an authorization in the United States, which is currently being studied by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Research is also being carried out in younger populations between 6 months and 11 years of age. And Pfizer is not alone: ​​its competitors, who have already developed a vaccine, are working on the same issues.

Prevent the spread of the virus

On the part of pediatricians, it is estimated that “if we want to get herd immunity, we cannot do without children under the age of 15, they make up 18% of the population,” recalls Dr. Christoph Batar of the Association. French clinic. The President of the Covid-19 Vaccine Committee, virologist Marie-Paul Keeney, confirms that Parisian evolution of initial vaccination strategies.

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Designed so far to reduce mortality and morbidity in the face of the virus, it has been to prioritize the most vulnerable and oldest people. According to her, these strategies are changing everywhere: “Now we want to prevent the spread of the virus (…) so that we can reopen society (culture, sports, economy) without fear of an outbreak of an epidemic, including among young people. who will transmit viruses to vulnerable populations and, if possible, avoid the emergence of options. “

Teens are just as contagious as adults

Therefore, in order to finally get rid of the epidemic, it is necessary to involve the youngest in vaccination, who, however, are quite resistant to it. The virologist even considers it “necessary” to vaccinate adolescents, in particular, to overcome the epidemic. She’s not the only one. Robert Cohen, president of the National Occupational Council of Pediatrics, recalls daily that adolescents are just as infectious as adults, and that messenger RNA vaccines like Pfizer can help limit these contaminations, especially if they seem to be well tolerated. in adolescents.

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At the moment, the Ministry of Health continues to prioritize vaccination according to age, in an effort to limit the development of severe forms of the disease. If the authorities do not close the door to vaccinating adolescents, they nevertheless point out that the problem can only be solved if there are enough doses in the country for the entire population. Therefore, I am not sure that Pfizer’s request, if confirmed by the European Medicines Agency, will immediately find a response in France.

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