COVID-19. Vaccine: At Doubs, ARS requests that the first dose be blocked.

It is no longer possible to make an appointment at Doubs for the first dose of vaccine. Doubtful: An email from the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Regional Health Agency dated Monday 19 July calling on the heads of the department’s vaccination centers to take new action.

As our colleagues from Eastern Republican, who had access to this note, ARS indicates that “all D1 (first dose, editor’s note) appointments that remain available at this time on Doctolib should be closed this week and in the following weeks.” To justify this convoluted order, the agency cites a mysterious “major national vaccine stockpile incident.” Eastern Republican indicates that places already reserved at vaccination centers are not subject to this new time limit.

“Timely Logic”

Not being able to sign up for a vaccination is bad, while many French people still rush to the centers to get a health pass that will gradually be needed to access certain places.

To the question Eastern RepublicanARS Burgundy Franche-Comté explains that it simply reverted to “the logic of timely flow.” “The tremendous impetus to vaccination following the President’s announcements has quickly swallowed up vaccine stocks, unfortunately accumulated over several weeks of inadequate labor intake. Therefore, we are returning to a timely dose distribution system: the doses received during each weekly delivery are consumed within a week after their delivery. receipt, “the agency points out, stressing that” slots will open and close on Doctolib and other booking platforms, you just need to be vigilant and patient. “

In accordance with BFMTVHealth Minister Olivier Veran said on Tuesday that the deadline for making an appointment for vaccinations does not exceed two weeks.

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