Covid-19 vaccine: has Sputnik V left Algeria?

Last Saturday, the President of the Republic announced that Algeria will produce its first anti-Covid-19 vaccine on September 29. This is the Chinese vaccine. Therefore, questions are beginning to be raised about the Russian vaccine project, Sputnik V.

During his meeting with the Walis, held last Saturday, Tebboune said that “the first batches of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine will be produced, in cooperation with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, at the level of the production unit of the public group.” Saidal in Constantine on September 29 ”.

Asked on Monday about Russia’s vaccine production project in Algeria, Pharmaceutical Industry Minister Lotfi Benbahmed reassures and affirms that the Sputnik V manufacturing project is still underway.

Benbahmed details

Speaking on national radio, the first head of the pharmaceutical sector in Algeria denied that Algeria had abandoned the production of Sputnik V, after the completion of the Chinese vaccine project.

According to him, “what happened was only the rapid completion of the second Chinese vaccine production project, due to developments on the Chinese side in this area.”

Furthermore, I would like to point out that “cooperation with the Russian side still continues in the pharmaceutical field, and not only for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine.”

“Algeria is the only African country that has obtained the CoronaVac license”

Returning to the production of the Chinese vaccine, Benbahmed specifies that “Algeria is the only African country that has obtained the CoronaVac license”.

In this sense, it highlights that Algeria will produce exactly the same vaccine as the Chinese Sinovac. The production capacity of the Saidal public group production unit in Constantine, he adds, is 320,000 daily doses in an 8-hour shift, or eight million monthly doses.

“We have a production load plan of 65 million doses per year, so we can achieve this production without increasing production capacities or resorting to other production units,” explains the Minister.

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