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SAINT-PIERRE-LES-BEQUETT. According to the CIUSSS MCQ website, the COVID-19 vaccine groups include the parents of a disabled minor child. However, Marie-Ove Ouellette of Saint-Pierre-le-Becque and several other parents of children with disabilities were denied their rights as they called and made an appointment.

The reason given at the other end of the line is that they are not seen as family members, but as parents. Why is the information transmitted on the website different from the information transmitted over the telephone? Ms. Wellett believes that their situation and their rights are still poorly understood.

“It is part of the reality for many families in Quebec to have a disabled child, but it is so often overlooked that parents do not recognize themselves anywhere. This is what is happening with the vaccine now, ”says Ms. Wellett.

To make an appointment, Ms. Uelett made a request online and to the question “Are you in a priority group to get vaccinated?” The description is as follows: “Adult with motor or mental disabilities, speech, language, visual, auditory or related to other senses, autism spectrum disorder or caregiver. ” No mention of parents. “I’m not the only one who doesn’t recognize myself in this,” laments Ms. Wellett. She explains that in this formulation guardian seems to only apply if an adult is helping another adult. “In theory, I should have said no, because my son is underage. I do not take care of the child, I am the parent of a disabled child, ”she explains.

However, Ms Wellett believes she is eligible for this vaccine. “My son is disabled, he has heart disease, severe asthma and an unnamed genetic syndrome. This more than meets the criteria. If he were an adult, he himself would be eligible for the vaccine. However, he is only 7 years old. Therefore, in order to protect him, we could not wait for the vaccination, ”explains Marie-Ève ​​Ouellette.

In the end, she ignores her interpretation that Marie-Ove Ouellette was able to get an appointment for vaccination on April 28, and she waited with great excitement for her turn when her child’s medical record comes into her hands to beg him. point if ever asked. La Bequetoise was vaccinated without any problems.

CIUSSS MCQ Urges Parents of Disabled Minors to Make an Appointment

CIUSSS MCQ, contacted after the testimony of Marie-Yves Wellette, wants to reassure parents of minor children with disabilities: they are indeed within their rights when they make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Parents of children with disabilities are encouraged to choose the option “Adult with motor, intellectual, speech, language, visual, auditory or related disabilities,” says Julie Michaud of Communications at CIUSSS MCQ. Sensory or Autism Spectrum Disorder or Caregiver. “At the place of vaccination, it is enough to indicate that they are the parents of a disabled child; they cannot be reversed, ”says Michaud.

“Parents of minor children with disabilities can move forward. They are encouraged to make an appointment given that vaccination will soon be available to the entire population. If they want priority, now is the right time, ”continues Ms Michaud.

“As for the telephone line, I don’t know when they called, but you can make an appointment. In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there is no doubt that it will be adopted, ”insists Ms Michaud. “Did they call when the information just came out and didn’t reach, for example, people on the phone lines?” she asks.

Julie Michaud points out that the most efficient way to make an appointment and avoid waiting is through the Clic Santé website. “It’s very simple and safe,” she says.

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