Covid-19 vaccine: soon to be mandatory for vulnerable people?

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To get rid of Covid-19, this necessarily involves vaccination of a very large part of the population. 42.2% of French people received at least the first dose of the vaccine on Monday, June 7, but many vulnerable people have not yet been vaccinated, and some even refuse to do so.

In six months, millions of older people have been vaccinated, but many still refuse to vaccinate, which remains an obstacle to herd immunity. Thus, some scientists are calling for mandatory vaccination of the most vulnerable. According to epidemiologist Martin Blahier, about 25% of vulnerable people will not be vaccinated. If the epidemic resumes next fall, hospitals could be overcrowded again.

11 vaccinations are compulsory in France and administered to children. With regard to Covid, no country in the world has made the vaccine mandatory for vulnerable people. Can France Become a Pioneer? Many scientists believe that this is a bad idea and will not stop the epidemic, as many young people suffer from it. Until now, the philosophy of government has always been to persuade, not coerce, but it has never ruled out coercive vaccination against Covid-19.

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Martin Blahier is a public health physician and co-director of Public Health Expertise, an epidemic modeling consulting company that sells health models to pharmaceutical laboratories and government agencies.

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