Covid-19 vaccine: “We’ll have to learn to live with reminders,” the doctor warns.

Dr. Jerome Marty, therapist and president of the French Union of Free Medicine, on Saturday 15 May, on franceinfo, calculated that the French are watching “maybe the end of the tunnel“While 20 million people in France received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on Saturday. But he warns: “He will probably need to be reminded once or twice a year and this is regular.” deal with the options: “You must learn to live with it”, he said.

franceinfo: Can we hope for a way out of the crisis?

Dr. Jerome Marty: This promise is good for all of us, because perhaps we really see the end of the tunnel. I say, perhaps, because it is necessary to continue this crazy race, to get vaccinated urgently. And we must increase the number of vaccination sites. We need to be able to vaccinate in doctors’, nurses’, pharmacists’ offices and vaccination centers. But in this race we now have the potential to win.

How can we be sure that vaccines are effective against the Indian variant?

We are not sure. We know we will reduce the risk of infection. Risk of serious symptoms. We know that RNA vaccines in particular are relatively effective against this, but there will be options. In time it will be. Unfortunately, we will have a virus that is likely to be endemic in some way on the planet if we do not create a global program to eradicate it, as we were able to do with polio. We’re not there yet. This means that he will probably take boosters, do immunity boosters once or twice a year, and this on a regular basis. You must learn to live with it.

Is AstraZeneca still a loser in this health crisis?

Undoubtedly, this vaccine raises concerns and doubts. We have to arrive at this known population immunity. This requires 80 to 90% of the vaccinated population and therefore we must all succeed again to win this race. AstraZeneca is an unmistakable and annoying failure because it would accelerate a little more. You must be truthful. We continue to vaccinate AstraZeneca anyway, but we continue very little. I believe that we should now be able to move on to something else due to this blockage, if we can say to increase the number of RNA vaccines at all vaccination sites.

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